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Frequently Asked Questions

How long have you been in the building business?

We have been in business for more than 40 years.  You need to be careful when selecting a builder so that you know they have experience.  There are so many builders out there that have little to no experience at all.  This will only cause major problems and delays in the building of your "dream home."  With all of the experience of William Feder Homes, your project will run more smoothly.  We will even get you in contact with some of our past customers that have volunteered their names and numbers and really want to speak with you!

What exactly is a system built home?

A system built home is a method of construction whereby each wall and truss of the house is built in a climate-controlled setting, using tools that provide square and plumb walls, and exact truss configurations every time.  Once constructed, the components are delivered to the job site (still as individual wall sections and individual trusses) where they are secured into place.  Building your walls and trusses in a climate-controlled facility enables us to enclose the home much faster than conventional construction, protecting your investment from weather as well as theft.

Is there a charge for a cost estimate?

No.  We will provide you with a cost estimate free of charge.  We only need to clarify exactly what you want and expect in your new home.

What type and size of homes does William Feder Homes build?

We design and supply all sizes, types and styles of homes:  Traditional, Contemporary, Colonial, Vacation, Town Homes, Apartments, Etc.  We will custom design the exterior and interior to suit your personal preferences.

Do we have to build one of the homes in your catalogs?

Absolutely not!  Our catalogs have been designed to feature over 500 design alternatives, which we can alter at your request.  We acknowledge that it is virtually impossible for the plans to be the perfect layout for you right down to the smallest of details.  We will also design and build from your plans and/or ideas.  We have 3D CAD in our office, so any plan can be easily altered or changed in any and every way.

What about the quality of construction in your homes?

We take great pride in our unique standard specifications and suggest that you familiarize yourself with them.  We're sure you'll agree that most of our standards are normally optional upgrades and perhaps not available with other builders.

What if we do not own a building lot?

Although we typically build on your lot, we are continually working with prospective buyers who are in the process of buying a lot, or who may still be looking for that right lot.  We also have access to available building lots in several areas and would be happy to assist you in your search. We can get you in touch with a local, reputable real estate agent too.

Is there financing available for my building lot and Feder Home?

Yes!  We would get you in contact with one of our preferred home mortgage lenders.  We work with several different ones.  They have worked with many of our clients and help you out in any way that they can.

What does it cost per square foot to build a Feder Home?

This commonly asked question has no one answer for custom built homes and is not recommended when shopping for price.  Specifications and style vary too widely and design can impact the actual cost too much to provide a fair competitive analysis.  We bid all of our homes on an individual basis, which insures a more accurate price quote.

Do your costs vary according to the area in which we’re building?

Regardless of where your home is being built, the same "package" price applies.  The only adjustment would be due to local building codes, subcontractor labor, building permits and local material rates.

Can we just hire you to design a home for us?

Unfortunately, no.  We only offer this service to prospective clients who are seriously considering us as their builder.  We will have you sign a waiver stating that if you build this home through someone else, you will be charged for the prints.  If you build it through us, we don't charge you at all.

What is the normal course to follow in making a buying decision?

There are three phases that we typically go through prior to expecting any type of decision from you. Regardless of how much time we need to finish each phase, we want you to be well-informed and completely comfortable with your decision.

The first phase is an informal meeting in our office (or at your home) to exchange information and discuss specific goals and objectives. 

The second phase is more design oriented to insure that the home we are discussing is within your preferred budget guidelines.

The third phase, which usually involves a contract with us, is a final clarification of the design, finishing amenities and on-site costs.

How long does the building process take?

The building process normally takes two to four months from start of construction to finish.  It may take longer for a larger or more complicated design.  We can better determine construction milestones upon finalization of the design.  Our goal is to always get your home completed long before the agreed upon completion date

What if we would like to do some of the work ourselves?

We price all of our homes on a completed basis.  However, we will be happy to work with you with our "Sweat Equity" or "Shell" programs.

What does it take to get started?

When the design and price are acceptable, we require a very minimal deposit with the signed contract.  We will then proceed with the preliminary drawing of your home and start to prepare the total lender package for your use.  Depending upon the date of your contract, you could have up to six months on your guaranteed price from William Feder Homes.